Winter Capsule!

My fall capsule was almost perfect, I was so happy with the pieces I had chosen. There were a couple that I hardly wore, such as a feather graphic tee from Forever 21 and a black and cream striped skirt from Kohl’s (which I never even put on).

Old Navy was my go to place for my winter capsule. They have great options for staple pieces! I also got a $35 dress I’ve been eyeing since the Spring for just $2!

For my winter capsule, I’ve decided to reuse most of my pieces, while adding a few new and warmer ones for a bit of a refresh.

My pops of color are all in the purples, reds, greens and blues this time around. I think winter is difficult, because I mostly wear sweaters, and they are difficult to really mix with other clothing.

Here is the list of items I am adding to my winter capsule! I only have a total of 28 items right now, so I may add some in if I’m finding I need it, but I’m content leaving it as is as well!

Red Shirt Dress
I got this dress and Gabe’s for $7. It’s really comfy and although really red, it works with most of my other pieces.

Gray Plaid
I love this plaid because it’s so neutral! It also comes down low enough to wear comfortably with leggings, which I’m always excited about!

Burgundy Leggings
Speaking of leggings, these are fabulous! They’re a little heavier, so there’s no seeing through them and they’ll be super cozy in the cold winter days! The plaid up above, with these leggings and some combats is one of my favorite new outfits! <3

Gray Jeggings
Because one of my jobs is in a workplace that I can’t wear jeans, I always have to mix in two pants that I can use for that. These are great because they look just like pants, but they secretly feel like sweats! They also come in normal person sizes, unlike a lot of the other Rockstar styles at Old Navy.

Blue Tee
I couldn’t find the exact tee that I bought, but it’s similar to this in shape and color. I absolutely love Old Navy’s relaxed fit tops. They are loose, but not as boxy as their boyfriend tops, which I don’t find flattering.

Black Shift Dress
I am replacing my ever so loved gray shift dress, with this longer sleeved black one for winter. This is not the exact dress that I got, but it’s almost identical except with pockets

Black Cardigan
I’ve almost always had a black cardigan in my closet. This is a replacement of my last one that has a hole in the armpit. I practically lived in these in the winters before doing capsules!

These are most of the new pieces that I added to my closet. The rest are solid color sweaters that I already owned, like this one.

I have to admit that I’m a little bit hesitant about this capsule. I tried to find colors all within the same spectrum, but that was a challenge because I had a tight budget of $75. This has me using a lot of older pieces, which is fine, but it was hard to have everything matchy-matchy.

Come back soon for two new posts on capsules! One on the exceptions to it, and another on shopping for the right pieces!

Have a blessed day,
-Sadie Grace

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