When I Joined eHarmony

*I was not asked by, nor am I being compensated by eHarmony to write this post, I simply wanted to share my story*

I am always hesitant to tell people how my boyfriend and I met. We have received a variety of responses, and sometimes people find it odd or simply don’t believe us. I am only 22 after all.

I was just 20 when I signed up, was I that desperate?

Not at all.

After my first trip to Honduras in 2012, I had planned to move to there to do full time missions after I finished college. This meant I couldn’t date anyone here, because I was leaving eventually. (The chances of finding someone around that wanted to do missions was slim). I also couldn’t date someone there, because I woudn’t be living there for a few years.

I spent 3.5 months in Honduras in 2013, and it became very evident to me that I wasn’t prepared to be in full-time missions down there. There were many things that I struggled through, and I spent most of that time learning and growing in my relationship with Christ. Nearing the end of the trip, I was excited at the prospect of meeting people and going on dates.

*Side story* When I was 13, I had decided not to date until I was 18. I followed through, and when I was 19 went on my first, not so great, date. I hadn’t really dated much and hadn’t been on anymore dates. *Side story finished*

I saw an advertisement for an eHarmony special on my Facebook newsfeed and decided to check it out. I figured there was no harm in signing up. It wasn’t the cheapest option in the world, but I figured something good could potentially come of it.

After one year, I was ready to finish my time on eHarmony, but my account kept renewing. I had talked with a couple guys. One things didn’t work out, the other we both didn’t end up showing up to our first date and we haven’t talked since. I was over the eHarmony search.

The first month that my account had renewed automatically, I saw Brad’s profile. He asked me some questions and we started to message back and forth after some time. One of my first messages to him was that I was cancelling my account (finally) and he could email me if he wanted to talk to me more. (Praise the good Lord that he did email me after that).

We went on our first date not long after that, and it’s been wonderful and happy since, not perfect, but happy.

I have tried talking several people into online dating. Not because there is something wrong with being single, but because it is a great option available to us today. Doing online dating does not make you desperate. It isn’t a last resort. Online dating is a way to meet people you may not be able to be in contact with in your own world.

I was working with my mom, several women at the library and a 3 year old boy and was in online school when I met Brad. I had no way of networking and meeting new people.

I am really glad that I chose online dating and met Brad. So if you’re single and ready to mingle, I highly suggest checking out eHarmony! There are other sites available, but make sure to check out how they match people and all that fun stuff!

Have a blessed day!

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