Capsule Shopping Rules

I enjoy shopping…kinda.

I enjoy going to about two stores, and then I’m done for the day. And don’t even mention malls, I go there for Build a Bear, photo booths and free tea at Teavana, but that’s it. Malls scare me.

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Winter Capsule!

My fall capsule was almost perfect, I was so happy with the pieces I had chosen. There were a couple that I hardly wore, such as a feather graphic tee from Forever 21 and a black and cream striped skirt from Kohl’s (which I never even put on).

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Here Comes Capsules!

I am getting so excited planning my fall capsule. I decided to allow myself an entire month before each new capsule to plan and shop. Although I am far more picky about the clothing pieces I purchase now, I still don’t like spending more than $15 on each item, with a few exceptions like jeans and dresses.

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