Spring Capsule 2016

Spring definitely came out of nowhere for me. After getting engaged, and working on getting our first house the end of January, I completely forgot that capsule swaps were coming!

This post will just cover my favorite finds for this coming capsule!

The perfect b&w striped shirt:

I was gifted the most comfortable tunic shirt a couple Christmases ago, and I have worn that poor thing to death. I finally found this replacement, and it’s long enough to wear with leggings! Which I cannot explain how I excited I am for that! (I also ordered this shirt in olive, it is so perfect!)

The most comfy leggings:

I’m not kidding when I say these are the most comfy. They feel like luxury pj pants, and they have a super thin terry fabric inside. I really am digging this olive color this spring!

Great gray cardigan:

Another cardigan that is long enough for leggings. It’s a thin, super soft cardigan that can be dressed up or down so easily. I am currently wearing this over a plaid shirt I found at Target, but am not able to find anywhere.

Gorgeous layered split-back sweater:
I actually ordered this in gray, but guys it is $8! And I’m telling you, it’s worth every one of those dollars. It’s such a simple sweater, but it’s so unique! I have already worn this once, and I’m in love with it.

Sevenly Graphic Tee:

This is not the actual shirt I ordered, it’s not longer being made, but I had to post about this site! If searched high and low for a cute graphic tee, and finally found www.sevenly.org. They are phenomenal! Not only are their shirts sweet, but they also send part of each purchase to a great cause. Definitely check them out when searching for your next graphic tee!

Classic oatmeal cardigan:

I also have an oatmeal cardigan that I found at goodwill a while ago, that I have worn out completely. It’s just ready to fall apart at the seams! I looked around a bit and settled on this cardigan, because it’s light and can be worn with leggings and well, just about anything!


I ordered these two scarves for this capsule. I really love scarves, especially with the three jobs that I have right now that all have vastly different temperatures. The first is the gray tribal print, which is one of the most soft scarves I have. The second, I actually ordered in burgundy, which they are out of. It is a square scarf and I’m in love with it!

Classic black flats:

These are great flats, they’re super comfy, decently priced and will be perfect transitioning into warmer Ohio weather!

So this is all that I’m adding to my capsule, and I’m really just rolling a lot of winter things over. I’m pretty sure that my capsule is going to be a bit of a mess the next few months. My fashion choices have definitely been put on the back burner the past  month, and will probably stay that way into the summer (slash, when graduation happens).

Have a blessed day,
– Sadie Grace

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