Spending Fast – Two Weeks In

We are nearing two weeks into our spending fast, and I have one word that sums up how it has felt: freeing.

There is something so peaceful about not being able to spend money. It has also forced Brad and I to have some conversations about money we never would have without this challenge. It’s making me think differently about money and my spending habits.

What has been most freeing to me is seeing splitting up what is a need and what is a want. There is no gray area! It is black and white, and I love my having rules and boundaries to live inside of. It also is not a matter of spending all of our budget and no more, but more a matter of only spending what we need to. It’s not living within our means, but below them.

One thing we had to figure out the first few days of the fast was our date night situation (more on that next week). This was one conversation that really got us processing what we want our date nights to even look like to begin with! We are both busy, and finding a night a week to go out is difficult enough. This requires some creativity, but it’s most definitely for the best!

I know for the hubby, this has freed his mind from thinking or worrying about money, which is a blessing for us both.

So yes, freedom. That is the biggest thing I would say we have found in our two weeks of fasting.

Lastly, here’s a video for you to watch. Happy Wednesday!


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