Spending Fast – Our Savings Account

If you have a hard time setting money aside in your savings account regularly (as we do), and want to save without thinking about it, then you need Digit in your life.

Just a heads up, I’m not getting paid to tell you this. It is seriously one of the best kept secrets, and you have to get in on this.

I started using this as a poor college student and quickly became obsessed seeing how much money could be saved so quickly without me even noticing. For a while, my husband didn’t like the idea of money going somewhere without him seeing it, but these days, it fits us well.

You set Digit up with your checking account, and it acts as a savings account. It has a robot that tracks your spending and then pulls money from your checking account and hides it away. Every day, you get a report on the balance of your checking account as well as how much moolah Digit has hidden away for you.

The best part? Once you set up an account online, you can fully handle Digit by text-message.

No emails, phone calls, account logins (can I get an amen on the frustration of forgotten passwords?). You can simply text “Savings” to the Digit number, and you will get a quick number back and can even dig into the last times you have had money saved.

Since Digit doesn’t accrue interest, we move our digit funds to our savings account once a month and start from scratch.

This special friend also lets you save more or less aggressively based on what you want. You will most likely never notice money going.

So seriously, click here to sign up today!

And have fun saving for a rainy day.

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