Spending Fast – It’s Not Just $7

As you may already know, my husband and I are on a two month spending fast. I’m going to be posting some thoughts, tips and ideas during these two months about what’s going on!

The hardest thing to say “no” to is small expenses. It’s easy to say no to buying a bigger tv, or a new car, it’s difficult to say no to a $3.50 purchase. You probably have that much change just sitting in your wallet right now!

One thing that happened the day before we started our spending fast, was my rediscovery of PaperBackSwap. It’s a great website that let’s you trade books, and all you pay is to ship books out. You end up with credits that allow you to “purchase” books from others, without paying a penny.

At first, we thought “it’s just $7 to send two of these,” but I quickly had to rethink it and say that it’s not just $7. A lot of $7 expenses become quite expensive in a short period of time.  If we are choosing to go all-in on this spending fast, then we truly have to go all-in.

That means even things that might save money down the road (hello, book club!), we have to set aside for the sake of being challenged and gaining new perspectives.

Some small expenses like this include our Hulu subscription, good clearance deals on clothes and housewares, books, etc.

Tonight we went shopping for some stuff for the first time on our fast and we got to put this into practice. We saw some great deals on things while at Target and had to pass them up! It was both a challenge and very freeing.

We’ll see how this continues throughout the following months! So far, the fast has been easy, but it also has only been a week and I haven’t stepped foot in a thrift store yet.

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