Slowing Down

I couldn’t help but laugh at the first couple months of 2017. When reflecting on 2016, and looking forward to a clean, fresh year, I said (several times), “The next year is going to be so quiet, relaxed and fun.” While it has been, and will hopefully be, fun I would not use quiet nor relaxed to describe the beginning of this year.

Hence, why you haven’t heard from me in a while.

My husband landed himself an incredible new job (yay, hubby!), but with an hour commute there is now the option of moving closer to it. This move would also put us closer to my job. The downside, he hasn’t been in our house a year yet. I have only been in the house for 7 months. We have been pouring our energy and time into getting ready to sell, which is only making us more attached.

I’m hitting midterm week of grad school, which means chaos. Boy, am I thankful I have a job that locks me in at 20 hours a week, not over and not under.

Today, Brad and I got me a new computer since mine is slowly fading. We got home to find out our internet was out. I haven’t had to go to a coffee shop since my undergrad to work on school, and I have not missed it. We would be with spotty internet for four days until a service person could come and fix the issue. I packed up my school things and headed to a cafe, and less than a minute away my husband called. The internet was fixed, it was an area-problem, not just us.

I got my coffee and unloaded my school and got all plugged in. Man, I do not miss this scene.

I took a break to check Instagram and saw a beautiful post by an acquaintance. It was about slowing down. It was short and simple, and my first reaction? “Hah, yeah..slowing down sure sounds nice”.

Then I realized, why not? What is actually stopping me from slowing down?

Yes, life is busy, but it’s also good. I have learned to cut things out when I can no longer fit them in. Usually these days, it is sad to say no to something because I am sure to only let things into my schedule that bring joy instead of stress. On top of this, I love having a full life. I like adventuring and experiencing everything.

Slowing down doesn’t mean letting go of the things that bring joy. Slowing down means making sure your life is not so full that you aren’t experience that joy.

I began to wonder what I can do each day to slow down. What my husband and I can implement to soak in that joy and feel it to our core. Then I found this list.

My favorite suggestion is to be unproductive. That’s because my first response was that there was no way.

But there must be a way, there is always a way!

One of the things that is not necessarily productive, but that I love is to write. The last time I posted here was the day after Christmas. Over two months! The best part of having a blog is that it is a welcomed break from academic writing. I have never been one to write to please or gain an audience. I write because it’s how I learn. It allows me to be creative, and it allows God to teach me new things.

While you may still not hear a lot from me here, I’m going to try to slow down and write more; just as I paused my school assignments to take some time to post today.

What can you do today to slow down? What activities bring you joy? What things on your schedules bring you stress?

Here’s to us all having a little more slow in our lives.

-Sadie Grace

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