Proposal Story

Most of you already know that two weeks ago I got myself a fiance (that’s still so weird to type)! Many people have already heard our proposal story, but I wanted to write a post to share it for those that aren’t nearby to hear the details.

On Saturday, Brad got to my house around noon. When he arrived, I hadn’t eaten lunch yet so we grabbed some leftovers before going. I had really been wanting to go with him to a place called Picker Barn, that is an antique type place, literally in a barn. He really wanted to go for a walk that day, but I thought it made more sense for us to go to the barn first. I didn’t make it that easy on him. He mentioned weather, timing, sunlight, location and all the things he could think of to get me on that walking path.

It’s not that I didn’t want to walk, I just didn’t see the hurry!

We made our way through the antiques and talked about going back for some wedding things. Then we drove to the park.

Oak Hill is one of my favorite places in this area. It is a breathe of fresh air, and one of the most beautiful views around. I have spent many hours there walking, running, photographing, etc.

He told me he had his camera with him, so that it wasn’t weird when he carried his backpack along with him on the walk. He led me away from people and was wanting to find somewhere to sit. About half a mile in, we got to a bench and took a seat and waited for a man with his dog to pass.

“I want to read you a note,” he said to me, and I knew. I already had an inkling. I found out that he had asked for my dad’s blessing, all accidentally. I didn’t want to know anything about when it was happening or how, but I couldn’t help but speculate. You will notice that my nails are done in the picture. I actually painted them Friday night because I thought it might be happening. I never have my nails painted these days.

So, he read me a beautiful note (which I am so thankful was written down, because I didn’t remember any of it).

His ideas was so romantic, and so perfect for us. He bought a journal to use as our “life journal”. The first entry was his letter to me, asking me to marry him. He talked about our relationship, God’s providence, what the goal of the journal was and finished it with Song of Solomon 2:10-11, which says, “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, And come along. For behold, the winter is past, The rain is over and gone.

My response? “Yes, yes, a million times yes!” (I meant to say billion, but in the excitement of the moment, I only gave him one million yeses).

It was a beautiful day, we had weather a little over 50 degrees at the end of January!

The hurry for us to get to the park, was that my best friend and maid of honor, Chelsea, was staying up so that I could Facetime her and tell her. It was staying up for her because she is currently a missionary in Mongolia.

We have been completely amazed and so thankful for the community that has come around us and supported so strongly and lovingly. I was personally overwhelmed by the amount of “congratulations”. It was honestly impossible to thank every single one personally, but they each meant a lot.

We now have our wedding date, and it’s on to all the fun planning! It still hasn’t quite settled in that I am getting married to such an incredible, godly and handsome man!


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