My Boyfriend and I Don’t Like to Date: Part 1

Okay, I did it. I wrote a post with a misleading title. This is something I swore I would never do. But, I one day swore I would never wear skinny jeans and now I find even straight leg jeans awkward.

What I mean to say, is that my boyfriend and I are essentially a 60-year-old couple. Even that is silly, because there are some 60-year-olds far more exciting and adventurous than us!

Several months ago, we created a Date Night Jar. It was something I saw on Pinterest that I thought would be exciting to make and give us fun ideas. So one afternoon, I brought all of the materials over to his house. Brad colored the top of popsicle sticks, and I wrote the date idea down on said popsicle sticks. He came up with so many great date ideas! He doesn’t think he’s good at planning dates, but he had more ideas than me.

The jar had been collecting dust until two weeks ago when I realized we hadn’t used it. The idea is to do the date on the first stick that is chosen. We pulled one, then another, and then twenty more, and we decided on dinner and a movie. We hadn’t done this date before, so it was something new..but there were so many fun things that we turned down for various, mostly silly, reasons.

Essentially, if we have the choice between going out and doing something adventurous, or even just going out, and staying in and playing board games, we will almost always choose staying in.

I say almost always, because it is really fun to get dressed up and go out sometimes. It is often more fun to stay in and veg.

I’ve always been an old spirit. I’ve always preferred to be at home crafting and eating bonbons with a close friend over being out with friends on a Friday night. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that I found a man with similar tendencies, but I’m certainly not trading him.

When you find a man who will force you to take pepto-bismol when you refuse it, will kiss you seconds after you rudely belch and go out of his way to make a rough day better…you hold onto said man.

We often get a kick out of our boring tendencies, and we both love it. I’m thankful I found an old man type who has a child-at-heart personality.

Check back later for another story about our old person tendencies.

Have a blessed day,

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