Exceptions in Capsule Wardrobes

When it comes to capsule wardrobes, there are definitely some exceptions. Typically capsules are three months long and no clothes shopping during that time. I think that capsules should still be fun, and not all about rules!

Here are my exceptions to the rules:

  1. You can swap items in your capsule
    During my fall capsule, I had a shirt that I realized didn’t fit well in my capsule. I had another shirt sitting in a bucket in the basement that I knew would work better, so I swapped them out. This doesn’t mean buying new clothes to swap, but doing it with those you already own.
  2. You can replace items
    Over the past three months, I had purchased two new pairs of jeans when I shouldn’t have. I got a pair of dark wash jeans from target that ended up being really rough, far too stretchy and the color was washing out. I then found the perfect pair of flare jeans at Goodwill, and so I made them into skinny jeans and loved them. A few weeks later, I got them caught on a nail and ripped a hole in them a little too close to my bum. I ended up buying a pair of dark wash jeggings at a discount store nearby, and they are fabulous! This all to say that if you have a stained shirt (which I also had happen during the fall) or get a hole in your pants, you can replace them! It’s obviously best to use something you already own, but if you need to, go buy a replacement!
  3. You don’t have to go by the dates
    There are a set of dates that capsules typically follow:
    Summer: June-August
    Fall: September – November
    Winter: December – February
    Spring: March – May
    Both fall and winter capsules I started a few days (or a week) early, mostly out of excitement! It always feels great to be wearing fresh, new clothes!



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