Capsule Shopping Rules

I enjoy shopping…kinda.

I enjoy going to about two stores, and then I’m done for the day. And don’t even mention malls, I go there for Build a Bear, photo booths and free tea at Teavana, but that’s it. Malls scare me.

Capsule wardrobes have completely changed my views on shopping in general, but specifically when it comes to buying clothes. I grew up on thrift stores and clearance racks, which I am so thankful for, because I know how to find good deals!

The problem is that I would buy something just because it was $2 and then I would never wear it. Capsules have made me a more intelligent and deliberate shopper!

Some questions to ask yourself while shopping:

Is it flattering?One surefire way of knowing if something looks good on you, is to send a picture to your best friend. I don’t suggest sending one to your significant other, because they’ll almost always tell you it looks great (Yes, I speak from experience). Your best friend, on the other hand, will be honest if it isn’t working. Make sure it looks nice on!

Do you love it?I mean, do you really love it? Is this something you could wear every single day if you had to? It’s also good to ask if it is something you would buy again. If you wouldn’t, then don’t bother buying it the first time!

Does it match at least three bottoms or five tops? I choose these numbers for a reason. I read somewhere that if you can’t wear a piece with at least five other clothing items, then you shouldn’t buy it. Which is true! But, capsules often only have a few pairs of pants, so I always make sure that I can always wear tops with 3/4 of the bottoms that I have (this can include skirts). On the other hand, I want to be sure when buying pants that I can wear them with at least five of my tops, if not more! You shouldn’t have to purchase more items based on one item that you want, even if it’s perfection.

Is it in your budget?It is also very important to create a budget before you go shopping. It puts more value into the pieces that you buy. It also helps to make quick decisions if you’re on the fence about an item. For instance, I created a small $75 budget for my winter wardrobe. When I went to Old Navy a few days ago, I made sure I stayed right around $40, and I ended up spending $42! I felt good about what I got, and didn’t have buyers remorse!

Will it stand the test of time?This one is quite simple, and it’s just the easy task of feeling the fabric and playing with it while trying it on. Some items you can tell aren’t going to last long, because they weren’t made to. Just pull at, lean over and squat in things to see what they feel like!

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