About Me!

Hey there! My name is Sadie Grace. My middle name isn’t legally Grace, but I’ve been given it throughout the years because of my extreme lack of grace in movement. You can find my tripping over thin air on a daily basis. Learn more about me below!

As for the blog, this is a place of refuge, encouragement and challenge (and possibly some laughter). I write about a collection of topics such as dating, faith, passions, struggles and cooking. Most often I’m expressing what God is teaching me through daily life and our quiet times together. If there is ever something you want to hear my view on, shoot me an email at journeyofsadiegrace@gmail.com. I’d be happy to hear from you!

I hope you can find some peace and inspiration here today!

Have a blessed day!

35 Random Things About Me: 
1) I’m somewhere around 5’5″
2) I hate hospitals
3) I love my glasses, but they often give me headaches
4) My current favorite Bible verses are Matthew 6:25-27
5) I am secretly in love with cheesy teeny bopper movies (Another Cinderella Story & Lemonade Mouth..yeah, I know..scary)
6) I have no piercings at all, although I have gotten my ears pierced on two different occasions
7) My husband and I plan to adopt all of our children
8) I am becoming a morning person the older I get
9) I love black coffee, even though I couldn’t drink a Starbucks latte three years ago because it tasted too much like coffee
10) I love mundane household chores (except for hand washing dishes), but on my time
11) I strongly dislike malls
12) One of my biggest insecurities is writing
13) I have bought a new planner almost every single semester of college, sometimes even more frequently
14) I am working towards being an official librarian
15) I’m an introvert
16) I spent three (almost 4) months in Honduras in 2013 teaching English
17) I love working with middle school students
18) Potatoes are my favorite food
19) I have a quote fetish
20) I am “fluent” in French, although I won’t use it if you ask me to (unless you, also, speak French)
21) I’m Canadian, hence the French
22) I have an obsession with 90s music
23) I love the quiet that follows a snow storm
24) I always have at least one bruise somewhere on my body, most of the time I don’t know where they come from
25) I thoroughly enjoy grocery shopping
26) I’m an optimistic-realist
27) I would have candles burning constantly if possible (we currently have 25 candles in our house)
28) I read 59 books in 2016, if it bothers you that it’s not an even 60–I’m sorry
29) I got rid of more books than I purchased in 2016
30) I’m right handed, mostly
31) I love writing cards for others, especially on non-holidays
32) My husband and I met on e-Harmony
33) Our first pet as a married couple is a guinea pig named Aslan (we love our little lion)
34) There is a love-hate relationship that exists between me and heels
35) I wear a mouth guard at night because I clench my jaw

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